Python Coding Log

Hello Reader,

this is my ongoing log of how I learned Python.

D.100 March 29

It's a wrap! I have completed #100daysofcode! In review: My coding journey is at the very beginning Learning #Python is fun and relatively easy to learn The developer community is incredibly supportive I have a new understanding of the digital world Onwards!

D.99 March 27

Learned and understood __self__ with the help of sketches

D.97 March 25

Today is a very special day! 3 more days and I have completed #100daysofcode

I pushed my Django project on Pythtonanywhere and Github. I also, for the first time, connected my HTML and CSS Frontend to my Django backend. Everyday something is being added to this massive puzzle. I love it.

D.96 March 24

Sabina Schmitz Python Log

Getting accustomed to using the terminal for a Django project. I launched a Django project with DjangoGirls and am learning to use the settings files.

D.95 March 23

Mentor lesson with Busra, who helped me clean up my git config file and brought me closer to learning Django.

D.90 March 18

Starting from scratch with the website I’ve been dreaming to launch. Created a Mockup on Illustrator, now transferring the visuals with HTML and CSS. Will learn as I go.

D.88 - March 16

Connected to Did status and payload requests.

D.87 - March 14

Diving into Python Requests tuts. to better understand the use of the library.

D.86 - March 12

FINALLY understood *args and **kwargs in #Python! Took me long enough. Will get back to you on my API problem @TigranFahradya3 - Letting the dust settle in my head first - Data Science ToolKit on Datacamp


D.85 - March 11

Successfully connected to Twitter API. Then hid keys and tokens in a separate configuration file. Now I'm getting TypeErrors. Link to StackOverflow in the thread if you want to help

D.83 - March 9

So lucky to have such a talented mentor #100DaysOfCode

D.81 - March 7

Have been avoiding #Javascript like the plague. Finally taking some classes to complete my (in-progress) Fullstack portfolio. #100DaysOfCode

D.79 - March 5

Just did a coding challenge on #python: i + (i+1) + (i+2) + ... + j + (j-1) + (j-2 )+ ... + k Not sure how I did, any resources on this to help me out? #100daysofcode

D.78 March 4

The .insert method from my #CreativemeetsCode series #python #100daysofcode


D. 77 - March 3

of my #100DaysOfCode challenge. I’ve found a wonderful mentor, connected to an API. It’s all about practicing and filling those knowledge gaps now - and there are quite a few.

D. 75 - March 1

Thanks for the challenge @busrakoken! After countless confusing tries, I have connected to the Twitter API. Still not sure what exactly what went right, so I will take some time to study all the elements in the code. #100DaysOfCode

D. 73 - February 27

Partnering up with @busrakoken for invaluable Python mentoring. Our first exchange gave me a deep dive into APIs. Boss Lady alert #100DaysOfCode #BossLadyalert

D. 68 - February 22

Created a pink heart completely made of CSS. Incredible how something like this is easy to draw but requires 27 lines of code. #100daysofcode

D. 66 - February 20

Never wanted to touch backend development a few years back - But today I set up an admin page with Django. #100DaysOfCode


D. 66 - February 20

All classes have a function called __init__(), which is always executed when the class is being initiated.

Screenshot 2019-03-14 11.57.21.png

D. 66 - February 20

66 days in a row! I’ve been diving into HTML, CSS, SQL and Databases. I’ve analyzed Big Data and visualized it like a boss. I feel that JavaScript is the final cherry on top to strengthen my skill set.

D.64 - February 18

First exploratory data analysis with at least 50 lines of code. Done completely by myself (and @StackOverflow ) on a Jupyter notebook. Goal is to build my own case for a client and backing it up with data. #100daysofcode


D.59 - February 13

Making sense of database structures. Need to identify which data I can work with in the first place

Screenshot 2019-03-14 12.01.29.png

D.52 - February 6

Learned to store my crawler data in a .csv file. Today was a good #Python day - Good night! #100daysofcode

D.51 - February 5

Things are getting quite serious. I needed to make some changes to my crawler but didn't want to create a new file. So I checked out Github and created a branch in a repository. Turns out @pycharm works like a charm and easily pushes updates to @github too #100DaysOfCode

A developer just called me a developer. Proud moment.

D. 50 - February 4

Day 50: Built a simple crawler with the Python framework BeautifulSoup. WOOOOP Thanks @whodisqamar

50 day datacamp streak

D.48 February 2

I received a tip from @busrakoken and finally had a look at @getbootstrap. I was able to build a sample page with CSS within an hour! This is what happens when women help each other. Thank you #100DaysOfCode #Bootstrap #Girlsthatcode #womenintech


D.44 - January 30

Learned today that you can start „building“ your code with a basic skeleton. def random_function(): “““randomness“““ pass

D.43 - January 29

Understood Lambda

Day 42 - January 28

Successfully crawled the RSS feed of a website. Also got acquainted with BeautifulSoup. #100DaysOfCode #python


Day 41 - January 27

Learning about Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) today. It will help me improve my statistical thinking and teach me some approaches with big data. #100daysofcode #python

Day 40 - January 26

Can anyone recommend a video or blog that outlines edge weight vectors, scalar biases, artificial Neurons in a more visual way? My resources are blowing grammar instead of breaking it down. #100DaysOfCode

Day 39 - January 25

The IP is address which is associated to a website. If you put "" in your browser, it will re-direct you to Google.

I just created my first #database! How I did it is documented here. I hope it's useful for you.

I started right before Christmas. 40 days have passed - since then and I have completed: Intro to Python Intermediate Python Python tools pt. 1 #Python #girlscancode #womenintech #datacamp #BlackTechTwitter

40 day streak on datacamp

Day 38 - January 24

Today I learned something about Object-oriented Programming. Above is the code that will trigger the questions below. #python #code #girlswhocode


D 37 - January 23

Almost every website experiences a drop in page views on Christmas. #tableau #data #database #sql @tableaupublic @tableau


Can someone explain the lambda #python function to me? It’s a function within a function?

D34 - January 20

35 day streak on Datacamp

D29 - January 16

Diving into @kaggle data again. This time, the most successful movies sorted by rating. If you want to go big in Hollywood: Go for PG-13. Or, just write a really good storyline ;)


D28 - January 15

Coders: How did you connect all the dots without a formal education? When was your aha! moment? Is developing really all about puzzle solving? Or are there frameworks/starter kits out there? #womenintech #blackdevelopers #blacktechtwitter #girlsthatcode #css #html #python

And suddenly, a month has passed. 30 day streak on @DataCamp learning #Python

D27 - January 14

2016: I need a Developer to build my business idea Today, 2019: Coding from scratch with HTML, CSS, Python. Css Floats still drive me crazy though. Any tips on that? #womenintech #developer #html #css #python #girlsthatcode

D26 - January 13

Such a gem. Haven’t been diving into CSS & JavaScript lately but definitely want to after seeing these libraries.

Spent a good hour analyzing total #avocado volumes sold in the U.S. Turns out the biggest seller is California. … @kaggle @tableaupublic


Statement of accomplishment for the Intermediate Python for Data Science Course. @DataCamp #python


D. 25 - January 12

How to code a dice on #Python. For the visual learner. Created by me with the help of Illustrator.

D.24 - January 11

Launched Django


D.22 - January 9

Learned SQL Learned Python Pulled data with DBeaver Created my first Tableau graphic - All this in 20days! I’m quite proud of myself.


D.14 - January 1

Developing with code means going down the rabbit hole each and every time. #python #terminal

D.13 - December 29. 2018

This handy one-page cheat sheet presents the #Python basics that you need to perform data analysis! 


Two weeks with @DataCamp Pandas, numpy, floats and matplotlib all Ring a bell now. #python #womenintech #datascience

D.8 - December 24.2018

Love these kind of overviews


D.6 - December 22-2018

Is there a visual example of each python library?

D.4 - December 21.2018

It's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, yet I love it. Proudly completed my first #python graph on a Jupyter notebook.


Yay! Just completed "Introduction to #Python" - It was challenging but fun. It's like you're constantly solving a puzzle. @DataCamp @ThePSF

D.3 - December 20.2018

Just joined my first developer slack group. Everyone is so kind and inclusive. @DataCamp #python

D.2 - December 19.2018

Is it a milestone in the coding community if you sense a philosophical meaning to float()?


D.1 - December 17.2018

#python code about kitchens and bathrooms. The exercise helps me understand lists and how they are sorted

Screenshot 2019-03-14 12.55.34.png