An open letter on International Women's Day


Dear Boss Lady,

Just last night I lay in bed, thinking:

What is keeping me from reaching my full potential?

The majority of female role models and achievers that we perceive are heavily crafted by the advertising industry that want to make you cry. Usually not in a good way.

My hair needs to be shinier, my skin needs to be smoother, my jeans need to look…Stop!

So if it’s not our exterior appearance that is helping us find that sense of achievement, what is?

Two weeks ago, I attended a keynote speech from Andrea Och, where she emphasised the importance of a strong network. In fact, she highlighted that 60% of her opportunities came from the people that approached her. 

Apart from her professional network, she also highlighted her personal network. She kept away from the people who were draining her energy by and making her feel less complete. Instead, she started building a network of peers, friends and colleagues that supported her and were just as ambitious.

Build a network of people who see your potential and are happy to invest time into making YOU happier.

So what are we waiting for? What is keeping us from becoming the Boss Ladies we want to be?

It’s your network. Your private and professional one.

Who is the person on the other side of this letter that I am writing to? Get in touch with me. Let’s talk, let’s exchange, and especially, let us learn to grow together.

I wish you a wonderful International Women’s Day. The day where all of us acknowledge and take care of each other.

Take care of yourself.