Seek simplicity


Born in Germany, raised in Africa.

Lived, travelled, coded, designed.

Negotiated, thrived, learned, careered.

Failed, got up, mediated, communicated, led.

Simplified. Focused. Let go.



I envision an environment where the community I live in is aware of its history and values.

Where growth is a personal trail of crumbs that can lead you in any direction.

Where the question is not “where do you work” but, “what do you love doing?”.

A network where the emphasis is put on mutual support, kindness, and trust.

I seek a community that supports its economic developments and doesn't shy away from supporting each other.

I look forward to a community that priorities local businesses.

I want a community that learns the necessary skills to create a healthy and sustainable environment.

I want to provide free educational opportunities.

I am grateful for your visit, and look forward to starting a conversation with you.


Sabina Hadiza Schmitz