Sabina Hadiza Schmitz

My name is Sabina Hadiza Schmitz and I am a AfroEuropean infusion of Culture, Code and Creativity. My aspiration is not to career, but to impact.

Communication without ego - I’m re-inventing how we communicate, connect and relate with each other in the digital age. From building your own network to learning about diplomacy and cultural communication.

Mentorship - Do you believe in yourself? Let’s discuss your entry into a coding language or ways to support young women in management.

Creativity for everyone - Let’s get to the basics of starting something from scratch. We can finally create the pictures you’ve always needed for your website or design the icons for your story.

Here are a couple of ways we can collaborate:

  • Book me as a speaker

  • Let me design something for you

  • Photography

  • Basic intro to HTML, CSS and Python

Get in touch:

Quote of the week

A goal should scare you a little,
and excite you A LOT.
— Joe Vitale



I first met Sabina on a professional level and was drawn to her transparency and thirst for knowledge. She took an interest in my work and connected the dots beautifully to how it affected her work and how we could collaborate to improve. Since knowing her personally I’ve been able to witness her drive in her personal projects as well. She is keen to improve herself and the world around her, be it work culture, the environment or her own body via marathons. Sabina is simply an amazing woman that is tenacious, clever and will change the world.
— Twaambo